PELTONIEMI, built in 1984, is a small log cabin located by the LAHNALAMPI pond, up on a charming wooded mound. In the summer time, the water for the sauna and the kitchen is derived from a spring; in the winter time, you should take drinking water with you from the villa. The sauna adjoining the main room is heated with wood. There is a hut by the cabin where two additional persons may be lodged, in the summer time that is....

There is a specific fauna as a result of a such a diversifed flora. The hiker may therefore come accross most rare plants (Cypripedium calceolus, Calypso bulbosa) and, likewise, fascinating creatures such as beavers or lynxes.

The geological formation of the mountains of KOLI is twenty times older than that of the Alps. In the rocks of Koli, the history of the earth can be read as in a newspaper. The highest summit of Koli rises 374 metres above sea level.

You will enjoy unforgettable moments in the peaceful environment of Koli. In spring and summer time, the blue sky and lakes are a gem, and in autumn, the red and golden brightness of the broad-leaved trees fills us with delight; in the winter time, you can admire these snow covered trees forming marvelous figures.

According to the time of day or depending on the season, the colours and shades of the landscape will differ radically. A stay in KOLI means exceptional and unique moments. So,

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Leisure and interesting sights in the region

Mount « Ukko-Koli » (347 m), Koli Hotel as well as the tourist centre known as « Loma- Koli », approximately 7 kilometres away.
Ski resorts (« Ukko-Koli » and « Loma-Koli »): ski runs, trails and an illuminated 24 km long ski run.
In the summer time, the « Lieksa-Koli » ferry, and in the winter time, walking across the Pielinen lake on the « icy road » via Vuonislahti.